About Our Visionaries: The Team

Hello, everyone!

We are a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to bring about a reform in mental health status and reach out to maximum number of people in need. This service is a brainchild of miss hope, who’s an experienced qualified counselor along with other therapists and experts. They share a close-knit circle bound by same working philosophies and vision for betterment. Our mission is to aid the people to get over their mental health concerns and lead towards more fulfilling lives. This platform gives us an opportunity to fulfill this purpose and extend our helping hands.

Our motive is to provide people the resources they need in their safe environment, i.e. at their doorstep. With the stigma revolving around the mental health and lack of availability of qualified therapists, people are not exposed to good mental health care. All our therapists are verified in mental health services, undergo personal therapy of their own and seek supervision of their cases. They follow ethical considerations which ensures the safety of clients.

We will put our best foot forward to help you all to deal with the past and present, to open the door to a confident and brighter future.

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