What is an Implementation Therapy?

  • An Integrative model of counselling which adopts best suited interventions from various psychotherapies. 
  • Works on the principles of biopsychosocial model.
  • Relative quick fix rather than waiting long to feel the change.
  • As the word 'implementation' suggests, therapists help clients to put plan into action. 
  • Offers fresh perspective to clients and opens wide array of possible solutions
  • Encourages clients to refocus and positively channelize the energy in the potential areas of growth. 
  • Emphasize on positive outlook towards self and life.
  •  Culturally sensitive and offers multicultural understanding of clients. 
  • Time saving and cost effective, yet a holistic approach towards the well being of the

What is IMT best suited for?


Stress & Anxiety

Relationship issues 


Work stress

Self esteem

Interventions in IMT

WDEP analysis 

W-Want (Goals)

D-Doing (Actions)



Directional Choice Analysis (DCA) 

Discussing Options

Possible Solutions 

Alternate Paths

Psychological Confrontation (PC) & Relative Story Therapy (RST)  

New Perspectives 

Counter views 


Positive Asset Search (PAS)

Client's strengths 

Positive outlook of problems 

Miracle Question & Exception Question (From SFBT)

Already existing solutions  

Reviewing the problem 

Quick Fix 

Other Techniques

Multicultural Understanding   


Active Listening  


Is it a new form of Psychotherapy?

What is an Integrative Model?

What do you mean by Biopsychosocial Model?

How many sessions do I need of IMT?

How is it cost effective?

Our Happy Clients


I recently broke up after dating for 4 long years. I thought my life suddenly took a full stop. I could not function and started feeling lower in myself. IMT helped me a lot to get over my issues and now, I feel confident.  

- Radha C

   User of IMT



I did not enjoy my job and wanted to start my career in music. IMT helped me in taking a strong stand for myself and today, I enjoy my work as a musician.  

- Kavish P

    User of IMT


I was feeling very low and depressed. It was a crucial moment of my life. I came across IMT, and it showed me hope for betterment and held my hand throughtout till I successfully faught with my illness. Today, I am a very happy married woman. 

- Riya S

    User of IMT